Keyboard Controls in Farming Simulator 25: Explained

Keyboard Controls in Farming Simulator 25: Explained

Farming Simulator 25 is the latest release of this highly popular farming simulation series. With the newest Asia updates, came the new maps, new crops to grow – and new vehicles to work with. The game has finally spread outside the Western part of the world, and it opens a brand new world for the players to explore.

Whether you’re looking to do more of the same (but better, and better looking), or you insist on roaming with buffaloes and flooding your rice fields, a new game is also a fairly difficult mechanical challenge. Farming Simulator 25 is best played on a keyboard, but there are so many things to do. If you’ve never played an FS game before, you will be surprised to find that nearly any button on the keyboard serves a very specific use.

If you are one of the new players, looking to get accustomed to the intricate FS25 keyboard controls – this article is for you!

If you are a seasoned gamer, once again unsure why that button didn’t do what you think it does – welcome back! Don’t print this page, your view is very important to us.

Main keyboard controls and shortcuts for Farming Simulator 25

  • Crouch – Ctrl
  • Jump – Space
  • Activate a Hand Tool / Pick-Up – left mouse click
  • Throw – RMB
  • Activate Object – R
  • Flashlight – F
  • Enter a Vehicle – E
  • Choose a Hand Tool – 1 + 2
  • Next Vehicle – TAB
  • Menu – ESC
  • Camera – C
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out – mouse wheel/trackpad zoom
  • Movement – WASD

Vehicle Controls

Vehicle controls in Farming Simulator 25:

  • Vehicle Special Functionalities (ex. Unlocking Combine Doors) – C + X + Z
  • Connect / Disconnect a Tool – Q
  • Choose a Connected Tool – G
  • Lower/Raise a Tool (ex. Mower) – V
  • Lower/Raise all your Tools – Ctrl + V
  • Turn on Minimap – 9
  • Enable / Disable Engine – Enter
  • Deploy Cargo – I
  • Dumper – Dumping Side – U
  • Transport Lines – Attach / Remove – T
  • Assign a Worker – H
  • Help Menu (includes Controls List) – F1
  • Horn – O
  • Slide out the pipe (not for combines) – O
  • Unlock/Close the Lid (not for trailers) – N
  • Deploy cargo in a restricted area – Ctrl + I
  • Lights (three different modes) – F

You can change all of these controls on your Controls tab, which you can find in the Options in the Main Menu of the game. If you feel like there’s a better way – this is where you change it.

These are the keyboard controls on Farming Simulator 25 – and the main shortcuts that will help you do better day-to-day fieldwork.

FS25 Mods

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