FS25: 3 Maps available at launch

FS25: 3 Maps available at launch

Some additional Information has come out about the upcoming Farming Simulator 25. All The pics are from the US Based Map. Sorry pics blurry best I could find. And to me wow FS25 looks amazing.

The 3 Maps available at launch

  • The map of Central Europe will indeed be the Zielonka map already published as DLC in the previous expansion. This will be updated and will integrate the improvements planned for FS 25.
  • The American map will be shown during FarmCon in July, the Asian map will only be shown in the fall.


New Crops & more

  • There will be 2 different kinds of rice: wet rice and dry rice. Giants is aware that there are many other varieties, but different hardware and gameplay needs dictate this choice. Both types of gameplay will be shown at FarmCon
  • Rice cultivation will be possible on all maps.
  • The third new crop is spinach.

Animals species

  • Concerning buffaloes, it seems for the moment impossible to have a production chain for their meat but rather for their milk.
  • On other subjects, such as the different stages of growth, and baby animals, Chaki preferred to reserve his announcements for later. So we won’t know anymore.

More Vehicles

  • Motorcycles, terrain deformation, graphics and physics improvements, the goodies
  • The presence of Motorcycles is well confirmed with the confirmation of the Aprilia license

New gameplay system

  • Chaki confirmed that the terrain deformation will be shown at FarmCon without saying more. The choice of terms used in the blog, however, makes sense because Giants preferred to talk about a deformation of the terrain rather than a dynamic terrain.
  • Graphical improvements will focus, among other things, on shadows as well as climatic effects such as fog and rain.
  • Concerning the screenshots of the American map, some show the return of construction missions, in particular the silo which seems not to be finished and which will need to be renovated.
  • For the collector’s editions, the USB key switch will be made of plastic and will allow the vehicles to be turned on and off. The USB rotating beacon of the FS22 collector will also be compatible.

FS25 Mods

About FS25 mods:

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