Where to get the best Farming Simulator 25 mods

Where to get the best Farming Simulator 25 mods

Finding Farming Simulator mods used to be a lot more simple before than it is now. When the game series became really popular, and the modding community was still in its early stages, there were a few key places you had to visit – they had just about every mod out there. Spots like FS-UK, American Eagles Modding, and Modhoster were king.

This has changed slightly. With the latest Farming Simulator 25 hitting the shelves, people looking to upgrade their game with mods are forced to look around many different places. But they’re all still available: and thanks to easy mod conversion, you can find a lot of great FS25 mods all around the internet!

While many places are often just carbon copies of existing sites, the downloads are still working: and if you’re looking to connect with the community of modders and players, we recommend doing so by visiting the Facebook groups and Discord servers. These are the two most popular members for FS25 modders and players to connect right now. This is also where you can find some of the most interesting new mods – so check them out.

The Farming Simulator modding community is in many places at once

Mods are a very important part of the Farming Simulator experience. The opportunity to take the game you know and love, and play it completely differently made us hooked to this game for years. Some of us even ended up writing articles about it!

There are great mods that improve the game significantly, and make you think “why are GIANTS not paying them?”. There are good mods that add some functionality or machinery you miss, or port an old vehicle that was removed in the new game. There are even some pretty bad mods, that, at the very least, make you laugh and share the findings with your friends on Discord chat. All of them are valid – and they make the game great in their own special way.

But these mods are also available all over the internet, and finding them in one and two specific places can get quite difficult. Sure, there is the GIANTS ModHub, where all of the “officially published” mods go. However, the rules there are strict, and many genuinely great and fully functional mods simply don’t make it past the moderators. So, where can you find some of those more rare mods?

Let’s talk about the current best places for finding the best Farming Simulator 25 mods.

Expendables Modding: on Facebook

Facebook is one of the key community platforms for FS25 modders. Expendables modding is one of the best such groups. It offers a very beginner-friendly, relaxed vibe, and it’s a good place to go, if you’ve tested some ModHub mods out and now want some more. No drama involved.

Expendables Modding is where you will find a lot of excellent FS25 mods – some of them might still be in their early stages, and you will get to play the role of a beta tester. For more exclusive stuff, you will need to join this group on Facebook. We recommend doing exactly that.

Custom Modding group: on Facebook

Custom Modding is a name many long-term FS players will surely remember. It’s one of the better-known places for finding FS mods, and it also has an active Facebook group.

Just as it is custom on Facebook FS mod groups, exclusive downloads will be available only to those who join the group. We recommend doing so!

Schwarze Schafe: on Discord

Finally, there is a very popular Discord server anyone looking to find FS25 mods should join. Schwarze Schafe is a German Discord server, dedicated exclusively to FS modding. It’s a good spot for finding FS25 mods – and don’t be alarmed about the language barrier! Mods are all translated, and you will easily find your way around the group and find the downloads waiting for you.


FS25 Mods

About FS25 mods:

If you play Farming Simulator 25, it's time to understand how mods work with the game. Farming Simulator 25 Mods is an extra file or content to change your basic game version. Suppose you want more tractors, more harvesters or you need any farming tool in the game, FS25 mods are the best choice to try. So mods allow you to change gameplay and customise Farming Simulator 25 game. There are many different types of Farming Simulator 25 mods that will make your gameplay easier or will increase your income to grow and build your farm, you decide what kind of FS25 Mod to install. Read the mod installation instructions and description above before use. We are the largest FS25 mods community to share mods for the PC.

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